Standard Workshop in Vacuum Delivery


Standard Workshop in Vacuum Delivery

Acquire the hands-on technical skills of safe vacuum delivery in this practical workshop with specialised medical manikins under the guidance of a master in VAD technique.


Prior to attending the workshop you must have completed your online prerequisite course The Fundamentals of Safe Vacuum Delivery. To participate in a workshop it is mandatory to provide your Fundamentals class certificate as proof you have met the prerequisites.
See prerequisite course

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to accurately locate and attach the cup over the flexion point
  • Demonstrate the manual skill to correctly perform OA, OT and OP VAD in a simulated environment
  • Differentiate between the descent and pelvic floor phases
  • Analyse case studies and demonstrate competency in patient selection
  • Discuss and evaluate risk factors
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognise and follow procedural limits in practice
  • Work effectively as part of a birthing team, demonstrating favourable communication skills