Vacca Academy

CPD Accredited Courses for Vacuum-Assisted Delivery

The Vacca Academy

Our mission is to equip and train clinicians in the highest standard of vacuum-assisted delivery to support mothers in achieving a safe birth.

Dr Aldo Vacca devoted his life to safe vacuum-assisted delivery for mothers and babies. His 5- Steps method and Handbook of Vacuum-Assisted Delivery remain the global standard in VAD. The Vacca Academy exists to continue Dr Vacca’s important work, providing high quality, accessible education to equip obstetricians and midwives worldwide with best practice skills for safe vacuum-assisted delivery.

The Academy’s comprehensive training covers all aspects of VAD, from assessing suitable patients and performing best-practice procedure, through to recognising possible complications postpartum.

By providing a strong theoretical underpinning using the gold standard Vacca technique, as well as providing practical workshops to develop proficiency using medical training models, the Academy ensures clinicians are trained to the highest standard. The Academy’s online theoretical training includes video demonstrations, workbook, and quizzes that enable participants to check developing knowledge in confidence.

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