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Standard Workshop in Vacuum Delivery
4 Hours | Workshop event

Standard Workshop in Vacuum Delivery

Acquire the hands-on technical skills of safe vacuum delivery in this practical workshop with specialised medical manikins under the guidance of a master in VAD technique.

  • Accreditation

      accreditation in progress

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  • 4 Hour Hands-On workshop

    Our events focus on Prac..

  • Delivery

    Hands practical simulation exercises, workbook activities and discussion.

  • Refresher

    We suggest a refresher course every 3 years.

  • Audience

    Trainees, obstetricians, midwives, birth attendants, general practitioners (GPs), and other care providers.

  accreditation in progress

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Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to accurately locate and attach the cup over the flexion point
  • Demonstrate the manual skill to correctly perform OA, OT and OP VAD in a simulated environment
  • Differentiate between the descent and pelvic floor phases
  • Analyse case studies and demonstrate competency in patient selection
  • Discuss and evaluate risk factors
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognise and follow procedural limits in practice
  • Work effectively as part of a birthing team, demonstrating favourable communication skills

Workshop outline

30 min
Workshop introduction and recap on the fundamentals of VAD

Welcome and recap on the Fundamentals Class. * The Fundamentals class is a prerequisite to this course.

Concepts: Who was Dr Aldo Vacca? • What is vacuum delivery and when is it suitable? • First-line method • VAD vs Forceps • VAD vs C-section • Fundamental principles of safe VAD

1st hour
Practical Demonstration
Understand the steps and principles of vacuum procedure

Understand the mechanics of VAD

Concepts: Natural mechanisms of labour • The flexion point • The midline • Digital distance • The midpoint

2nd hour
One-on-One practical tuition
Learn The Vacca 5-Steps Technique

Learn the step-by-step procedure of vacuum delivery. Become familiar with the mechanics of this technique and procedural steps common to all vacuum deliveries.

Concepts:Learn to perform non-rotational and rotational deliveries • Correct cup placement • Safe technique • Preventing cup detachment

3nd hour
Group practical simulations
Assist, observe, critique and provide feedback

Hone your skills as you try simulations. Learn as you observe others. Work as a team to observe, assist & critique procedures on specialised VAD simulation manikins.

Concepts: Hone your skills • Learn to assist in VAD • Teamwork and communication

4th hour
Case reviews
Analyse cases to understand were cases go wrong and identify breaches of procedural limits

Work through a series of case reviews to identify errors, analyse patient selection, correct method and adherence to procedural limits. Discuss how outcomes could have been improved.

Concepts:Procedural limits • Appreciation of the risks • Safety before, during and after VAD • Team communication

practical assesment
Workshop assesment & certification

You are expected to complete 3 successful simulations in OA, OT and OP positions.

Concepts:Perform non-rotational OA • Perform rotational OP and OT

Discussion, recap and take home points

The workshop finishes with an opportunity for discussion and recap on the learning.


A unique pass key will be awarded upon achieving competency in the workshop assessment. This pass key gains access to the workshop survey and upon completion of the survey, certificates will be immediately emailed.


  accreditation in progress

Standard Workshop in Vacuum Delivery course is pending CPD accreditation. In order to receive your accreditation points you must complete your practical assessment during the workshop event. You must then achieve 100% in the post-workshop quiz to receive a certificate of completion. After completing practical and final assessment you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. This certification may be required for accreditation purposes.


The Fundamentals of Safe Vacuum Delivery Online course

See prerequisite course

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to show my Fundamentals class certificate at an event?

    Yes. To participate in a workshop it is mandatory to provide your Fundamentals class certificate as proof you have met the prerequisites.

  • Do you provide discounts for trainees?

    Yes, in some countries. Members of ENTOG are entitled to discounted access. Ask us about support for your group.

  • Are there prerequisites?

    Yes, you are required to complete the Fundamentals Class online prior to attending a workshop training event.


  • What do I need to bring to a workshop?

    Please bring your proof of registration and your Fundamentals Class certificate of completion. If applicable, please bring your workshop workbook. You are also welcome to bring the vacuum delivery equipment you regularly use in your practice.

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