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The Fundamentals of Safe Vacuum Delivery
  7 Hours | Online Tutorial Course

The Fundamentals of Safe Vacuum Delivery

* Prerequisite course. With video tutorials by Aldo Vacca

Operators who follow the guidelines presented in this course should, with proper training and practice, experience an improvement in successful vacuum delivery and a reduction in the risk of adverse outcome for the mother and infant.

  •   Accreditation

      accreditation in progress

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  • 7 Hour Online Class

    5 Lessons combining 32min of video tutorials with workbook activities and revision questions

  • Delivery

    Tutorial format with a combination of online, video tutorials & class workbook activities.

  • Refresher

    We suggest a refresher course every 3 years.

  • Audience

    Trainees, obstetricians, midwives, birth attendants, general practitioners (GPs), and other care providers.

  accreditation in progress

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Course objectives

  • Learn and understand the key concepts required for successful vacuum delivery
  • Gain an appreciation of the obstetric circumstances in which the vacuum extractor may or may not be used safely
  • Learn the 5-Steps VaccaTechnique™ to a safe vacuum-assisted birth
  • Test and apply your knowledge prior to a practical workshop training event

Learning outcomes

  • Define the principles of vacuum-assisted delivery
  • Describe and locate the flexion point
  • Assess patient suitability for vacuum-assisted delivery procedure
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of safety measures and the procedural limits of VAD
  • Describe the 5 steps common to all vacuum-assisted deliveries
  • Recognise the early warning signs of subgaleal haemorrhage
  • Explain preventative measures and management procedures for subgaleal haemorrhage
  • Analyse case studies demonstrating the ability to: analyse the appropriateness of patient selection, identify risk factors, and identify where procedural limits were breached

Class outline

  • Lesson One:
    Class Introduction

    Welcome to class and the instructors, instructions on how to use the class.

    Concepts • Welcome to class • About Aldo Vacca • Meet Belinda Vacca • How to complete class • Class outline • What is vacuum delivery

  • Lesson Two:
    Understand The Principles of Vacuum Procedure

    Understand and become familiar with the technical principles of vacuum delivery, manoeuvrability and choice of vacuum cups.

    Concepts • First line method for assisted birth • Elementary principles • Flexion point • Midline • Position & diameters of the head • Flexion of the head • Cup placement • Digital distance • Midpoint • Axis of the pelvis (axis traction)

  • Lesson Three:
    Learn The Vacca 5-Steps Technique

    Learn the step-by-step procedure of vacuum delivery. Become familiar with the technique and procedural steps common to all vacuum deliveries.

    Concepts • Locating the flexion point • Calculating cup insertion distance • Manoeuvrability of cups • Choice of vacuum cup • Manoeuvring the cup • Method of traction • Finger-tip and finger-thumb techniques • The descent & pelvic floor phase • Preventing cup detachment

  • Lesson Four:
    Safety Measures & Training

    Gain an appreciation of the obstetric circumstances in which the vacuum extractor may or may not be used safely.

    Concepts • Operator experience • Pre-requisites for safe vacuum delivery • Safety before, during and after vacuum delivery • Procedural limits • The 3+3 rule • Prevention of subgaleal haemorrhage • Correct method of traction • Operator training • Classifications of indications • Selection of patients • Case reviews

  • Lesson Five:
    Class Revision

    Revision prior to final certificate assessment

    Concepts • Contraindications • Safety before, during and after VAD • Procedural limits • Prevention of SGH • Principles & implications for practice • Correct procedure • Take it further


  accreditation in progress

The Fundamentals of Safe Vacuum Delivery course is pending CPD accreditation. In order to receive your accreditation points you must complete all modules. You must then achieve 95% in the final quiz to receive a certificate of completion. After completing all modules and final assessment you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion. This certification may be required for accreditation purposes.


You must be a health care proffesional, Trainees, obstetricians, midwives, birth attendants, general practitioners (GPs), and other care providers.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I receive my certificate of completion?

    Certificates for the online Fundamentals Class are awarded via email upon successful completion of the certificate assessment quiz.

  • Do I have to complete the class workbooks?

    Our course workbooks are an important way to retain your learning. We suggest you print and fill in your workbooks for best outcomes. You may be asked to present your workbooks at a training event.

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